W Fort Lauderdale: Pure Bliss and Brownie Bars


Last weekend I attended the W Fort Lauderdale‘s W Wellness Happening – an event that featured everything from a sneak preview of the resort’s new Ted Gibson salon, ea apparel, pilates, barre and yoga classes, and a presentation by my favorite beauty expert, Rona Berg.

Here we are at the Yolo (You Only Live Once) Restaurant. (Rona’s the one with the fabulous lipstick.) Isn’t she lovely?rona

Another bonus: The W is dog-friendly (always a plus in my book), so rescue dog Jax came along and worked her magic as the Spa mascot for the weekend.

Just a little over a three-hour drive, it always amazes me how refreshing it is to be at the beach. Which is why I was super stoked to see that the hotel was not only just across the street from the beach (perfect for a morning run), but the rooms here have prime views of the sandy strand … all day long.

Another bonus, the Bliss Spa, is the centerpiece of the pampering circuit here. Being a “Bliss Virgin,” I opted for the Triple Oxygen Mask Facial, their signature treatment. After the 75-minute facial (which also included a wonderful effervescent mask of oxygen bubbles), I was instructed by the esthetician to go to the waiting room and relax with some sweets from the brownie bar. Wow. Yep, I’m serious people.

You can’t walk out of the spa without going through the manicure/pedicure room. And it’s a good thing: the Double Chocolate pedicure makes the entire place smell like a chocolate. Not a bad way to leave an impression!

Want to get your Bliss on? Click here for a salon near you. And don’t forget to treat yourself to a brownie. Every gal knows that calories don’t count at the spa!

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